Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One Hit Wonder Card (OHWC) - MFT Sketch Challenge

Hello Everyone!!

Hope that the start to your new year has been going fantastic!  This is my first post for the new year!  The beginning of this month was a bit crazy with new years, birthdays and such but I'm happy to be back to creating and recording!

Unfortunately, I had some technology issues and was not able to post this card with video before the MFT Sketch Challenge before the deadline.  BUT I just love how this card turned out so I still wanted to post it for you guys (just ignore the intro as it was recorded before the deadline).  I'm also calling this a "One Hit Wonder Card" or OHWC for short.  Its where I'm only using 1 stamp set to create the whole card.  I'm excited about this and want to push myself to create more OHWC's to really maximize the use of my stamp sets.

Onto the card I created and a video showing you how I created it.  Also, you can find a list of supplies used on this card at the end of this post.

I'll see you guys back here soon!


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Series 2014 - Day #11

I'm Baaaaack!  First let me apologize.  When starting the Holiday Series, I had aspirations of getting 12 videos done of Holiday related projects before Christmas arrived.  I managed to get 11 videos/projects done, however, the craziness of the holiday season got the best of me and I was not able to upload and post the 11th video in time.  Although I did not reach my ultimate goal of 12, I am quite proud of myself for completing 11 days worth of projects for my first year of seriously focusing on Holiday projects.

For today, I have 3 gift tags for you guys jammed into 1 video.  I apologize in advance for the lengthy video but it was necessary to show you everything done for all 3 tags.  For next christmas, I would like to create a large amount of tags and make them into gifts for family friends to use on the presents for others! Everyone loves homemade gifts!

I didn't quite notice until I was doing the voice over for this video that these tags contain ONLY Lawn Fawn Products!  Just goes to show you my LOVE for this company's work; their stamps and dies are just amazing!

Enough chitter chatter from me.  As usual, you can find photos of the tags created and a video showing you how I created these tags!


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