Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiffany's Sweet 16!

So in honor of my sister, Tiffany's, sweet 16 birthday party tonight, I thought I'd share the card that i made as her invitation.

This idea came directly from StampwithHeather and her video that she made showing the card she created for her 3 year old son is adorable!! I made a few changes and my dimensions vary a little but this will help you get the idea!

Also, we made little goodies bags for each of the girls that came over for the party and within them was a post-it note holder(i also sent one to MoMo!!) that was embossed and stamped! Below are the photo's of them. I made a view demoing it but i keep showing things out of the camera angle and it ran 16 minutes so im debating on whether to cut it in 1/2 and post or just make a totally new one! LOL until then, enjoy the photos. Any questions, just leave me a comment!

Enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend!!

{{Coo, Coo, Cachoo}}

Monday, March 22, 2010

k & company embellishment kit! Finally!!

i hope this will load up for ya'll to FINALLY see it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shopping Spree!!!

So yesterday, I decided that I would head to Michael's and spurge a little on myself. I only had interest in getting a few stamp sets to create some samples for my sister. She's turning 16 in two weeks and is having a small get together with her friends and wants me to create not only her cards, but of course, her cake as well!! But as much as i love my sister, she is incredibly picky and specific about what she wants. SOO...I went out and headed straight to the scrapbooking section. I was there for a good hour (as I usually am) first just browsing, and than putting stuff that I spotted before in my cart. When I left there I had the following to go home and play with...
*A Crop a Dile (yes i know your thinking, what scrapper doesnt have one right from the beginning!)
*7 Stamp Sets
*A heat gun (yes, i have never had one before so I was excited to get home and use it
*Versamark and embossing powder
*A ribbon punch

Im honestly like a kid in a candy store when im in Michael's, AC Moore, or Joann's!!! Any who, i spent most of last night and this morning embossing and creating 2 cards for my sister to "approve". Hahahaha.

So I'll show you something else that i've recently created.

This idea is not mine, although its so clever I wish i had thought of it!! This idea is from Angie at Chic n Scratch . Like I mentioned before with one of her other ideas that i re-created, I absolutely LOVE all the stuff Angie makes and if you havent checked her out yet, you definitely need to. She is FABULOUS with stamping and paper goodies :) For the cutouts, I used my Cricut Stretch your Imagination and DoodleCharm Cartridges. The Spring box was using the measurements that Angie offers, however I have (and use a ton) of the Large notecards so I adjusted the measurements to fit the box(summer box). And than one of my good friends from work, Jenn, saw them and wanted one for her desk for her smaller notecards. She is a college student and uses them like crazy to study so I made her one to fit the 3x5 notecards. She was so excited about it that I made her a little carrying case to put her notecards in her bookbag to take along and study.....she absolutely LOVED it! :)

And thats it for tonight! I've been missing my husband like crazy lately so im going to get back to creating my sister's invitations and keep busy :)

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Day

So today was a good day. I had Steph's parents over to pick up the cake and they absolutely LOVED it!! They thought it was so incredibly clever and unique. So that made me feel good that people appreciate my hard work with creating works of "art" in cake form!! :) I also got a short, but very much appreciated visit, from one of my best friends from MU katie...also known as Cash. I haven't seen her since my wedding shower last May and she stopped in for breakfast on her way to a class she was taking in the area!

Which brings me to my blog name...1/3 Chicklet. In my first year of college, at MU, I became very good friends with a girl ( now one of my best friends) Tracey. She was in one of my classes and we slowly got to know each other better. She then introduced me to her room mate whom she had become very close with Cash. Within days of meeting each other, the three of us were inseperable!! We would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any opportunity we could and would hang out and study together. So I gave us the name "The Chicklets" and it stuck! To this day, 6 years after we met, we still label the photo's of us Chicklets. So technically, im 1 of 3 Chicklets....hence the blog name "1/3 Chicklet"!

So today was a very good day. Unfortunately, i'm still hanging out at my parents house and I dont have ANY PAPER CRAFTS!!! And trust me when I tell you that im going crazy! Thankfully i have some projects that i've finished up on my computer and i can share them with you.

This idea is one of Angie's creations at Chic n Scratch and she was honestly the first person to get me into paper crafting! One day, about 2 months ago, i was on youtube searching for ideas using my Cricut and I came across her channel and i LOVED it immediately! It made me want to be a Stampin'Up! demonstrator but right now with a move coming up, i thought it would be smart to wait till im down in florida. But I've taken her creaions using Stampin' Up! products and tried to replicate with a little bit of my style and craft supplies. This is a notebook for my sister. She hates the boring Marble notebooks and she loves "blig or jewels"! She also LOVES pink so this is what i came up with! The 'notes' was created using my Gypsy Font(welded together) and the jewels are from the $1.00 rack at Michaels. Please visit Angie at her blog because she really does make some Fantastic projects!!
Hope ya'll have a great start of the week!!!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}

Saturday, March 6, 2010

crazy week-end

So this week has been a bit crazy. As I mentioned before, Jesse left for Texas on Thursday so.... me and the baby (our kitten, Link) are staying at my parents house for a few days during the week. The like the company and like knowing that we're not alone! No matter how old you are or that your married, i'll always be my parents "little girl" LOL

So I had to do something that all military wives hate to do...Say Goodbye. It could be that he's only leaving for a week or a tour of 18 months, saying goodbye never comes easy! So on Thursday, I had to say goodbye and put myself in the mind set that its only for 6 weeks and its what's best for the two of us and our future family. So with that said, I've had little time to craft. AND I had a cake due this weekend, which left me with even less time. So the following is the cake that was constructed. It is for my bestfriend, Steph's, brother. He plays on Rider University's hockey team and they're having a banquet for family friends to celebrate the end of the season. Her mom said she was thinking of just getting an image trasnfered onto a sheet cake but clearly thats not how i like to create cakes so this is what I came up with.

What do you think?? All the "billboards" on the front of the cake each represent something from this season. I really hope they all like it.

I also had to make a birthday for my grandmother. My mother forget on several occasions to pick one up, so naturally I volunteered to create one from scratch ;)

This card was pretty simple but still nice. Patterned paper was from Martha Stewart, stamped bird and sentiment are both from Inkadinkado, boarder punch was used as well as the cuttlebug "swirl" embossing folder. Any questions let me know and I hope that you like both the cake and the card!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick and Simple

Today is a quick post. My husband, Jesse, is getting ready to head to Tech School so we've been busy packing, cleaning, organizing etc. However, in the middle of the day I had time to create one little card. My inspiration lately has been coming from Momo at Made by MoMo with all of her adorable cards! Since all the recent snow has been hitting Jersey, I've been extremely excited for spring! And since my bestfriend Steph loves to send me cards in the mail for every little occassion, I thought i'd send her one! So here it is!

I used my Cricut Accent Essentials Cartridge to make the flower. The card stock is your basic 150 Colored Cardstock Multi Pack from Michaels. The ribbon was purchased at Ac Moore and the patterned paper on the front of the card came in a pack of 100 by Best Occasions (purchased at Walmart) for a whooping $10! :) I love deals! The stamp set used is an Inkadinkado Set called Chelsea's Sentiments.

I hope that it reminds her of the warm summer to come and brings a smile to her face! Thanks for checking it out!!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My first blog EVER!

Ok, so I'm a little new to the whole blog craze but for the last month, it has pretty much consumed my free time!! I have scrap booked for quite some time now but I have just recently joined the paper crafting frenzy from cards to treat bags and more. So I thought I'd create a blog.....but I guess I should first give you a little of info about me.

My name is Trisha and I'm 24. I attended Marywood University for a year but then transferred and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Business Management and currently help my family run their own business...a donut shop that some of you may know as Dunkin' Donuts! {And if your wondering if I eat donuts all the time?? My dad's worked for the company for the last 16 years and we have owned our own shops for the last 12 years so I'm pretty sick of donuts :D Although I will have a munchkin here and there ;)} I recently got married in July, to an amazing man, who is silly, goofy, a sweetheart, and my hero! He is in the Air Force, so he's been my hero since we started dating for his civil duty of protecting our country. He is Greek and I have now taken on a name that is 15 letters long (yes that's right...15 letters long)and a good foot taller than me. We have a 1 year old black and brown tabby cat named Link. Our friends and family think he looks like a bright eyed tiger :) Any who, we're currently living in New Jersey but have orders to relocate to SUNNY side Florida soon! And let me tell you after all the snow from this year we're ready for it!

As I said, I have been scrap booking for some time now and just recently entered into the paper crafting craze. However, I also have another hobby that I'm very busy with. I decorate cakes. Its weird because people ask me how i got into it and I just tell them that we at one point owned a Baskin Robbins and my mother was a primary cake decorator there. And I remember on the weekends and days off of school, sitting in the cake room and watching her decorate ice cream cakes for hours. Although it may sound boring to some, i loved watching and helping assemble the cakes. Now, I could NEVER decorate ice cream cakes because the time has to be right to avoid melting but my mother was (and probably still is) a pro at doing it! So i always had a passion for it and than decided to take a class at Michael's (which by the way, my husband lovingly volunteered to take the class with me :D) and 1 turned into 4 classes and now I'm hooked. I then got my best friend from college,Evelyn, hooked just from talking about the class and she ventured out and took 3 of the classes. So now the 2 of us work on a lot of cakes together ( she has a HUGE number and friends and family who are always hosting parties) but I still decorate with my mom and sister a lot. My sister is in a vocational high school pursuing culinary and considering pastry. (go figure huh?!?)

So to not make my first post the most boring post, I'll end by say that I'm excited to start the blogging journey of paper crafts, cake decorating, and life lessons. I hope that you'll continue on this "journey" with me and we can share ideas and fun projects. I'm still new to the blog world so any advice please don't hesitate to contact me or if you have any questions, please let me know!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}
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