Friday, July 30, 2010


Now I will tell you right off the bat, I'm not hosting the giveaway! However, my good friend Cristi over at Scrappin 5 Little Cupcakes is hosting it!!! Now she is about 7 subscribers away from 100 and that has been her goal for a bit, so i'd be very grateful if you guys would head over and check out her blog! Her stuff is just great!!! And if you subscriber and leave a comment on the post you have a chance to win the..........................


Thank you all in advance for doing this for me and you even get a chance to win a AWESOME prize!!!!!

Need to Ramble a Bit!

Sorry ladies, if your not the type to want to hear about my "nonsense" then please just skip over this post. So my hubby(Jesse) and I have been going to the gym pretty regularly for the last month. I'm not very cardio vascular fit so I pretty much do the bike, speed walk,and do some weights with Jesse. And I know I shouldn't expect results overnight BUT I hate the Gym!! Like if there was a such thing as gym-a-phobia...Id for sure have it!! I always feel like the biggest person in there and like all eyes are on me and I'm just not comfortable. Jesse has been trying to "buff" up. He's pretty thin but has been wanting to get defined since we met. SO we gave in and bought the P90X system. So today we did our fit test (we both passed), took all of our measurements, and our "before" pictures. After looking at the before pictures, I've been a mess. I cant believe that that is what people see when I'm at the pool or beach. I'm embarrassed beyond all belief. Even embarrassed for my husband to be seen with me. **tear** But now I'm really glad that I looked at them because they are motivation for me. I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna push till my breaking point at all of my exercises and the new diet. I'm committed and "BRINGING IT!". So, if I'm doing well after my first phase, maybe I'll post pictures. The least I'll do is make a separate tab (at the top of my blog) to document my adventure and give you my opinion on the process. I hope at day 90, I'll have the body that I've never had and that I can finally be proud of!

ANY WHO.....I'm sure y'all are tired of hearing me talk so, that's my thoughts on the night! Sorry to bore you ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to School Blog Hop

Hey Y'all!

I'm so excited to announce that I will be partacking in the Back to School Blog Hop that is being hosted by Sarah at Pink Cricut. The Blog Hop is happening on Aug. 7th starting at 8am and I will be joining 10 other fabulous women on the hop with great projects and some blog candy will be included as well!!

So be sure to mark your calander and join us for the hop!

My Craft Corner!!

Hey Y'all!

I have finally recorded my craft space(its finally clean enough to show off! LOL) and wanted to share it with you all! I hope that it may give you some ideas for your own craft spaces or organization ideas!

In the video, I stated that my hubby was going to modify the case my dad made for me but to say us trouble, i just stored extra Cricut Cartridges that don't fit on my expedit and hung up my ribbon.

This weekend went well in the end. I had a really TOUGH time with the cake that I was creating. My husband had the idea of me creating the Greek Parthenon and I started creating it and was just absolutely NOT pleased with it. LOL. So we finally decided on just creating a Greek Flag. I didn't get a picture but my sister-in-law did and when I get it, I'll post it. However, while at the party, everyone LOVED the cake which really boosted my spirits. I also made goodies boxes for everyone using "Tags, Bags, Boxes, and more" and stuffed them with candy which everyone thought was so cute. A family friend told me that i absolutely need to do the craft show at our church! That blew me away because I've been wanting to do one but have been nervous but I know she wont let me get off the hook! :) And than after they saw the card I created for my father-in-law (I made a card with beetles on the outside in grass---which i created welding shapes together on my gypsy-- and on the inside it read "you cant have a birthday without the beetles!" and I had a little submarine on the inside spinning side to side. Not only did my father-in-law get a really good laugh, but everyone thought it was genius! So all in all, after the cake crisis, the weekend went well!!!

Hope to have another card making video soon! Hope y'all have a great week!

Friday, July 23, 2010

If you own a Gypsy....Please read!!!

As some of you may know, this past weekend was mine & my hubby's first wedding anniversary. He kept saying that he had absolutely NO idea what to get me. I had told him no more jewelry PLEASE!! (Now trust me ladies, I LOVE bling! lol but I don't need a lot of it and I get jewelry for all other major holidays). Anyways, I gave him a list of crafting stuff (obviously :)) that I would like to have but just never got around to buying. One of the things I asked for was the "Gypsy A to Z" by Above Rubies Studio featuring Megan Gravener (from Above Rubies Studio) & Tammy Skinner (from Creative Critters Cricut Club). Of course, my husband pulled through and bought that and a few of my other requests for me! I was THRILLED!!

Now, I have to tell you all something. When the BIG announcement about the Gypsy came out, I was in the mode of "I NEED TO HAVE ONE". But I soon realized that I wouldn't use it very frequently and decided against putting one on my Christmas List. I had mentioned to my hubby that I didn't need one because it would get no use. But he got one for me anyways because he knew that from the beginning I had wanted one. My Gypsy sat in the box, untouched for 3 Months!!! Yes I know what you were all thinking, 3 months?!?! Are you crazy??!? But to be honest, it was a little intimidating! I had NO idea how to use it or what to do with it! So, in March, when I began blogging and creating more, I contemplated on whether to return it and get other stuff but the return period was over and I was stuck with it (well that's what I thought then). I messed around with it for a bit but was still uninterested and LOST!

Well, I can proudly say I now know how to use my Gypsy!! Thanks to Megan and Tammy, I know how to Zoom to actually see what I'm doing, Weld, Group, Ungroup, Kerning, Rotating, and many more things!! These ladies have done an exceptional job in showing all of the buttons and tools that you can use on your Gypsy. They not only explain them thoroughly but then they show you projects using these buttons! They also have fabulous techniques!! Now I don't know about you all but I LOVE all the Cricut cartridges but after a while, they start to get expensive! And the NEW Lite Cartridges have a lot of cute things on them but I know many of you have said that they are a bit overpriced! Well, let me tell you about one of the things these ladies show you on the DVD. At the time that this was recorded, the Lite Cartridges had not yet been released. Now, say you wanted to create cupcake wrappers for your upcoming party....but the only cartridges that have them is the Easter 2010 and the Lite Cupcake Wrapper Cartridges. You don't own the Easter and you think that $39.99 is a bit over priced for a Cartridge with just cupcake wrappers. Well, Megan and Tammy show you how to use a basic shape (like a square with rounded corners) from Gypsy Wanderings - which you own if you have a gypsy - to create a cupcake wrapper using a layering technique and the image from the Easter Cartridge!!! It absolutely FASCINATED me all the things you can do, change, and customize with the Gypsy--as long as you know all of the features and hidden techniques! These ladies go above and beyond and show you 30 Lessons and 40 Gypsy Projects! This video is over 3 1/2 hours long and an ABSOLUTE must have if you own a Gypsy (regardless if you are experienced or a beginner with it). This would make a great gift for someone who owns a Gypsy or to go along with the gift of a Gypsy because the DVD walks you step by step through opening your box and understanding what all the connection cords are to the ease of the creating. I HIGHLY recommend this DVD! I literally sat in front of my TV for the full 3 1/2 hours with my Gypsy in my hand and I did the projects along with them so that I could become familiar with using the different tools and techniques.

Please know that I am not sponsored by Tammy or Megan and this is my own personal opinion of the DVD. I LOVED it so much, I just HAD to share it with you all!

Tammy and Megan, Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous DVD packed with information and creativity! You both have truly helped me in learning how to use my Gypsy!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 9 - Sweet Pea Pop Up Card

Hey Guys,

So, slowly but surely the MOJO and confidence is coming back. :) I had to get through a few 'eh' cards to finally get it back. So here is a card that I have made and wanted to share with you guys(and i did 98% of the editing to myself, thanks to my hubby who's a great teacher!)

Also wanted to let you all know that I have started filming my "Cake Decorating" mini series. I think I'm going to present it in shorter segements but im not a 100% sure yet. But it is being recorded, so the first episode should be up soon!!!

Lastly, I'm going back and forth with the idea of changing my blogging name. I really like 1/3 Chicklet but at the same time, i dont know how to put it, im sort of over it?!?! LOL that just sounds bad. Any who, I've been thinking of Trisha Marie but i need something before that.....I was thinking "Treats with Trisha Marie" since i'm now doing paper crafting and cake tips. But I'm not SOLD on it! I'd like to start out with a T word because i love the way that sounds. For example: "Made by Momo", "Creations with Christina". So any advice or suggestions WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! And your thoughts on if I should even change it at all! :)


Friday, July 9, 2010

Back in the Groove with a Card

Hey Ya'll,

So my cousin is getting married next weekend and I had to create a card to send with her package and I came up with this card! I LOVED it so much I decided to make another with black, gray and the same patterned paper!! Its going to be my 1st OFFICIAL card that I'll be posting on ETSY!!! I know big shock!!! After many weeks of contemplating whether i'm good enough or whether anyone would even buy creations, i've finally decided to open up shop. And honestly, now i'm excited about it! I cant wait to get the ball rolling and to create more things to post on there! Anyways, I hope ya'll enjoy it. :)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Package from my family!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to show you a package that I got from family! YAY!!!! I really miss them and I LOVE getting mail and goodies! My family and I have grown alot closer! Anyways, enough with the sappy stuff! LOL I also showed 3 projects that have been keeping me busy the last 2 weeks. Hope you guys enjoy! And check back for the next video!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hey everyone!!

I'm officially settled in Florida and ready to continue on creating and producing video's. I apologize for such a large absence but its been hard to get back into a routine, especially now that I'm a stay at home housewife. So , I'm ready to just jump back into it :) I've been working on post cards to send to family with our new address and its been taking me a little while because it have a lot of layers.

But yesterday I did create a card for my sister!!! The poor thing just got her wisdom teeth out yesterday and I want to send her a card with all these little goodies that I bought her. She's gonna love all the little stuff, I can't wait for her to get it! Any ways, I wanted to show you the card. I just bought this Hero Arts Stamp Set and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I have wooden rubber stamps from them and love their designs but this is my first for clear stamps and I love them. I will be purchasing a lot more hero arts stamps!

Also, like i mentioned before--we got a new member to our family! Her name is Gem and she is a schnoodle. Cristi had asked me what she was and she is a mix between a schnauzer and a poodle and i thought I'd show y'all a picture of her!!

I promise to make a video soon of my craft space! Hope y'all have a fabulous 4Th of July weekend!!!

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