Friday, July 30, 2010

Need to Ramble a Bit!

Sorry ladies, if your not the type to want to hear about my "nonsense" then please just skip over this post. So my hubby(Jesse) and I have been going to the gym pretty regularly for the last month. I'm not very cardio vascular fit so I pretty much do the bike, speed walk,and do some weights with Jesse. And I know I shouldn't expect results overnight BUT I hate the Gym!! Like if there was a such thing as gym-a-phobia...Id for sure have it!! I always feel like the biggest person in there and like all eyes are on me and I'm just not comfortable. Jesse has been trying to "buff" up. He's pretty thin but has been wanting to get defined since we met. SO we gave in and bought the P90X system. So today we did our fit test (we both passed), took all of our measurements, and our "before" pictures. After looking at the before pictures, I've been a mess. I cant believe that that is what people see when I'm at the pool or beach. I'm embarrassed beyond all belief. Even embarrassed for my husband to be seen with me. **tear** But now I'm really glad that I looked at them because they are motivation for me. I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna push till my breaking point at all of my exercises and the new diet. I'm committed and "BRINGING IT!". So, if I'm doing well after my first phase, maybe I'll post pictures. The least I'll do is make a separate tab (at the top of my blog) to document my adventure and give you my opinion on the process. I hope at day 90, I'll have the body that I've never had and that I can finally be proud of!

ANY WHO.....I'm sure y'all are tired of hearing me talk so, that's my thoughts on the night! Sorry to bore you ;)
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