Friday, April 9, 2010


since i have posted anything. And go figure, im short on time again! hahaha. I seem to be so busy lately. Evelyn (my business partner and BFF) have been busy with cake stuff this week and next. Jesse and I have been online searching for homes and I'm getting ready for a wedding shower next Saturday, and heading to FLORIDA on the very next day to do real house hunting with my daddy while Jesse is finishing out class. We have 13 houses to look at in 2 days and hopefully make an offer shortly after! Talk about PRESSURE and CUTTING IT CLOSE, huh?!?!? LOL anyways, since I have been so busy, I've had very little time to craft :( And trust me, its been very depressing! I've dont 2 pages in my scrapbook but thats been about it!

So i've decided to entertain ya'll with the project that my dad has finished for me!!!! They are absolutely great and are customized to what i need and want. However, due to massive cricut cartridge sales on, i'm running out of space already! hahaha my dad looked at it and shook his head when he saw it was full already! :D he knows that means another project for him!! He is great though, its been keeping him busy and he loves to see that is stuff is being used! So enough about me blabbing, here are pictures!

This holder is fabulous! But as u can see, im lacking space with the cartridges already!! I also have more of the circle and scallop punches but they are at my home and this was taken at my parents house! I've been scrapping there, I was going crazy without paper, glue and siccors around! lol

This holder was created specifically for the $1 pails from the Target Dollar Isle! LOVE THEM! and while watching a scrapbook room video I saw someone who had a holder for their heating tool and i thought that was brilliant! So of course, we customized it a little more and we added room for my new 714 ATG gun!!! Now all thats left to do is repaint my 714 and make it look pretty!!

So I lied, I did manage to squeeze in a project that I forgot about, this is a photo holder that I found at Michaels for $1!!!!! So of course I figured I could transform it and made it match the blues and brown that go with my craft room! Displayed is my first handmade goodie from my friend MOMO when she sent me my very first RAK!!! I'm seriously excited to get down to florida, She lives on the opposite cost but we might have to have some shopping trips or scrap days!

Just a close up!

Ok ladies, I'm off to finish more details for another cake! OH!!! Here is the cake we completed for this weekend! Super Girly! She's turning 10 and its a fashion party!!

Thanks again for looking! I promise I'll be back to crafting soon, and maybe even a video of me creating??!?! hahah i'm nervous about the whole video thing because i have no idea how to edit! Thankfully my husband will be home soon to help me with that! I have 3 cards to create to send out by Monday (YIKES!) for birthdays, so I'll be sure to post them!

{{Coo, Coo, Cachoo}}

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  1. Hi Trisha! WOW the stuff your dad made for you is awesome!!! And that Cake is to die for! You have Major Talent!!!

    We will definately do some scrapping trips, I promise! I just went to the Space coast to see the shuttle launch it was awesome!

    Well much love and hope to see some of those cards you will be making! XOXO


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