Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey Y'all!!

Sorry that I have been MIA recently....I'm just enjoying the last days as, how molly puts it, a "Free Woman"! LOL Enjoying the time before I start up on a full time job again! Its been really nice!

Anyways, I wanted to let you all know that i EXTENDED the time that your card/package needs to be shipped for Madison to Monday, Nov.1st! Many people couldn't not get the sent out till this weekend so if you were considering making/sending her something, you now have an extra 2 1/2 days!! So please, if you can, participate! I have receive, as of yesterday, over 60 cards for her!!!!! And tons of goodies that people have been sending for her! Trust me when I say, she is going to be so happy and its really going to brighten her day! For all the info about Madison, click HERE! The following is where you can send the card/package:

Trisha Theo
Po Box 7806
North Port, FL 34290

Also, the family is selling bracelets to raise money to help with all of the medical bills....the cost is $10 per bracelet. I should be receiving one in the mail soon and I'll be sure to do a video showing it off but here is a picture.  It has her full name on it but the picture only shows Madison. I know that money is tight for EVERYONE right now with the way the economy/job market is BUT if you can help out this family, even by just purchasing one bracelet, it would help them tremendously!!!! If your interested in purchasing some please send me the following via email to

Your name:
How many bracelets you'd like to purchase:

Also, I thought I'd share with you a recent picture of Madison! She still manages to have a smile on her face despite everything she is going through!!!

I also wanted to show you guys some pic's and a video from yesterday.  I got to enjoy going to another event with my hubby!! He was judging a High School Drill Competition.  It was so cool to see all these high school students who are in ROTC and participate in the drill team. 

That's my hubby on the left helping another recruiter judge

I had a pretty cool video of the guys spinning and tossing their riffles but it wouldn't let me upload!! Boooo!  Oh well!

Someone asked if I wouldn't post as much because I now have a job.......I hope not! LOL I'm hoping to still post regularly, even if I need to stay up late! hahaha I also ready have a few post set up for this week. I'm hoping that on the weekends, I'll have the chance to create and have stuff to show you guys during the week!

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  1. Thank you for these pictures and your time contributed to little Madison. Thank your husband for his time in helping the next generation learning to protect us here at home.

    With your new job, just do what you can for us out here and take care of yourself.


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