Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Online Card Classes - Clean & Simple 3 - Post #2

Hey Everyone!  I'm back again to show you more of my card creations for the Online Card Classes - Clean & Simple 3.

Today i'll show you the creations I made for Day 5 & 7.  If your confused on why i'm skipping days, the class is set up to show a new technique on 1 day and then on the following day, they show new creations using the same techniques taught the day before.

For Day 5 its all about Background in the Foreground.  I was completely drooling over Laura Bassen's card when creating the masked background.  She show cased her 'signature' plaid background and I'm so glad she created a video show casing this because i'm in love with her plaid cards.

So I tried to come close to her amazing design and this is what I created:

I really love how this card turned out.  I'll be using this technique more often, for sure!  I also used some Imagine Crafts Shimmer Spritz...totally forgot that Distress Ink reacts with water and I got a few splatters in the bottom left but I was totally ok with the look.  It adds such a nice shimmer to it.  

Ok, so now onto Day 7.  It was all about Creative Coloring and it was totally up my alley, as I love to color.  Kristina Werner always amazes me.  SO i'm using the card she created as inspiration for the card that I created.  

Its so simple but yet so perfect! I added some black lines around the card as the plain white card was just too plain for my liking and I think it was the perfect touch to this card.  

So that's it for now for my show casing cards created for the Clean and Simple 3 class.  Check back in soon for more creates for Scrappy Moms March Release and more cards for Online Card Class. 

See you soon! 

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