Friday, June 11, 2010

Not back quite yet!

Hey ladies,

Im in florida.... YAY!!! My house is finally starting to look like a home with NO MORE BOXES....YAY!!!!!!!! I don't have any internet yet, BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Comcast is coming out soon to the house to asses whether we can get it! So my awesome mother in law let me use her net book to update ya'll!!!! I will be part of the BLOG HOP that Momo is starting tomorrow morning! I might not be able to post till afternoon but it will be up. I need to just come to my inlaws and mooch off the net (hehehehe) and post it all!

Ok back to family time! I hope ya'll have a great weekend and check in to everyone in the blog hop! Hope you all enjoy it!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}


  1. Can't wait to see what you make for the hop! I know what it's like to just be moving in, we just bought a home to, but I set the internet up within a few days, I really can't live without it! LOl ;p

  2. Do you have a youtube channel? Love to watch the videos. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win

  3. good luck with the new diggs* and i'm sure whatever you make won't dissapoint thanks for the giveaway

  4. Florida! How exciting! Enjoy and thanks for this opp!

  5. Good Morning Trisha,
    Congrats on the new house, how exciting!! I'm a new follower of yours, thanks to Momo's bloghop. Have fun mooching off the in laws ;) lol Looking forward to your post later , have a blessed day :)


  6. Hi, Trish! Congrats on the move! I am already a follower of yours. Thank the inlaws for all of us, family is really awesome! Thanks ahead of time for your wonderful project and giveaway!!!

  7. congrats on your move thanks for sharing all that you do I have been a follower for awhile now hope to see your video soon

  8. Im moving too and know how it is when your craft room is all packed up in boxes :S Congrats on your house :) looking forward to see what youve done for us and thanks you so much for sharing. Ill check back this afternoon to see your goodies :)
    raegina at gmail dot com


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