Thursday, May 27, 2010


So Jesse and I went out to look at our home for the first time and we LOOOOOOOVE it! It is absolutely perfect size for us and we can not wait to close as well as have all of our stuff brought into our home! Right after we did a walk through of the home, we went straight to Lowe's and orders top of the line washer and dryer with the whole steam thing in both! Which as much I dont like doing laundry, I'm so excited to use because now I can do my bedding instead of taking it to the dry cleaners and I can wash and dry Jesse's uniforms without making trips to get them done!! The little things make me excited :)

So as I are a few photo's of our new home!

the window toward the back of the house is our office/CRAFT space which will be decked out with IKEA furniture for my new craft space :D I'm so excited, i'm pretty sure i'm going shopping with MoMo at Madebymomo , we cannot wait to finally get together!

Standing at the end of the living room looking toward the front door and the dining room.

ANDDDDDD......holy cow im just about 65 followers!!!!!!! I'm so stinkin excited!! All your comments and subscribing makes me day! I love getting emails saying that I've received a new comment or seeing my follower's count going up!! So I will have a prize pack giveaway again. But once again, i'm in a tough time because I'm at my inlaws and Im nervous to go out alone because I dont know my way around. So next weekend, June 5th or 6th, i'll put a post about how to enter to win. By then, Jesse and I will be in the house and I know exactly where there is a Michael's by our new home!

Thank you again to everyone who has wished us much luck on our home! We appreciate it more than ya'll know!!



  1. I love your new house my friend!!! It is absolutely beautiful! How exciting! I cant wait to finally see you! XOXO Momo

  2. That is a fantastic new house! TFS! Wanted to wish you a happy Memorial Day and thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice to this GREAT country!! :)


  3. Your new home is beautiful. Congratulations!!

  4. YAY. congrats. I love open floor plans. Enjoy your new home.

  5. Your new home is beautiful, bright and open. Congratulations!!

  6. Beautiful House...congratulations.

  7. What a great looking house. Congratulations and much happiness in your new home. Thank you for letting me visit.

  8. Wow looks like an awesome place! Congrats! :)

  9. Congratulations on your new home. I am going to become a follower of your blog. If you get a chance, go over to mine at

  10. Congrats Trish ! I'm so glad you make it safety to Florida ! Your home is sooo pretty ! I used to live in Florida too , but in the Orlando then Tampa areas.
    Shopping with Momo???.. I'm so jealous!!! did she tell you she's a cuban like me:) HAHAHA!!! Can't wait to see you new craft space, but no rush, I know you'll be busy unpacking :)

  11. Hiya Trish! I found your blog thru Janis (PauseDreamEnjoy) and I see all my other friends are here too LOL woohoo, a complete set.

    LOVE the new house, how exciting!!! I bet you will be busy busy with shopping and decorating, unpacking and shopping some more. How fun!
    Isn't it funny how most people orient themselves to a new neighborhood by finding grocery store, Target and gas stations.... but crafters google the closest Michaels LOL :)


  12. Congrats on your new house! looks great!

  13. it looks beautiful! I can smell the new house smell!

  14. CONGRATS on your new home...its just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Have fun with our MOMO =)


  15. Love your new home, it's beautiful! I bet your gonna have fun decorating it! Congratulations!

  16. Hi Trisha,
    I'm curious to know where you and your hubby are stationed. My hubby is in the Army and we'll actually be going to Eglin AFB in the next year. We are currently at Ft. Bragg. Oh and my name is Molly by the way. :-) I am so new to card making that I have only been "stalking" the blogs. I found you through Momo's June blog hop! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to even take a picture of a card to post! lol

  17. This house looks beautiful! You will definitely enjoy living here!


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