Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunshine Award

Hey ladies,

I hope that you had a great National Scrapbook Day!!! I'm sorry that I missed all the festivites but I did help out momo with her challenge so I felt a little bit part of all the fun! I was away this weekend for a surprise engagement party for my cousin and my other cousin's 1st holy communion. So we literally left saturday morning, party saturday night, church sunday morning and than back to my cousin's house for the party, and than drive back to jersey! So needless to say, Jesse, my mother, my sister, and I are pretty tired today!!! :D I did try to post something using my blackberry on Saturday but it did not go through so Im sorry this is late.

My great friend MoMo at MadebyMoMo awarded me and 4 other Amazing crafters this award and I need to do a few things as the recipient of the award. I need to award this to 5 other people and make a list of 10 things I like! The following are bloggers who I think def. deserve this award, i've been following them around for a bit and think they do great work!

1. Meighan -
2. Joy-
3. Tammy -
4. Christina-
5. Cristi-

Now 10 things that i like.....this is going to be hard :)
1. My husband, although he drives me nuts he is infact one of my bestfrinds
2. Link, my cat---he's kept me company while Jesse is away working late
3. My family, both immediate and extended, as well as my inlaws
4. Cooking
5. My Cricut
6. Actually all of my paper supplies
7. All of my customers at my job, who are more like friends to me!
8. All of my friends
9. The Beach
10. My soon to be new home, even though I havent physically seen it yet :)

I have created some videos for you ladies and my husband did an awesome time editing but it was 11 minutes and youtube wont let me load them for length :( so I'll have to redo them and post them for you. I also want to apologize in advance if this is the last post for a while. Like i have said before, my husband and I are moving due to him getting relocated and everything is going to get hectic soon with packing and moving and all this stuff. I'll try to keep you updated as often as possible, and maybe i'll make a few video's ahead of time and just upload them before the craziness happens! I want to thank you all for following!! As soon as I get 30 followers, I will be hosting a giveaway. If i dont do it right away, it will be due to the move, but as soon as we're up and running in our new house, it will be first priority!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}


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