Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Want to get to know you!

So since I'm new to the blogging word, I really value all of you who have subscribed to my blog and watch me videos! So, I would really like to get to know you all. Just tell me a little bit about yourself, name, where you live(not address but state), activities, hobbies, how you got into scrapping/card making, whats your favorite crafting tools, if you own a cricut-whats your favorite cartridge, etc. It would also get a chance for all of you ladies to get to know one another and check out each other's blogs as well. Also, please send me any questions that you may have and I'd love to answer them! I hope that all of you will be able to post about yourselves! I'm excited to get to know you all better!

{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}



  2. Hi Trisha,
    I love your blog and enjoy watching your project vids. I live in queesnland, Australia and have only been paper crafting for about 6 months so am still learning. I have started my own blog but am still updating it. pop on over for a look
    I am totally in love with blogs and find I get the best ideas from them.

  3. Hi! Military wives are the best! I'm a retired Navy wife and my son is in the Army. Glad you're in the blogging world because you have some incredibly cute things to contribute!

  4. MoMo--thank you, the hubby helped pick out the header to match my background!

    Nikki- Its so nice to have a follower from all the way across the world!! Thanks for checking into my blog and watching my videos AND leaving comments. I absolutely love comments! I will absolutely be over to visit your blog and become a follower! If you have any questions about papercrafting, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me at

    Penny- Military wives are def. the best and I am so glad to know of 2 who visit my blog :) And i must say, you have such AWESOME stuff on your blog! Im going to have to devote a whole night to go through all of your post because just off of the first couple, i absolutely LOVE your work! Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for posting a comment!

  5. Hi Trisha,

    I love your blog! You make such cute designs!:)
    My name is Cristina, i just started my blog over at Still trying to perfect it and trying to get the courage to make a video, maybe soon! lol I'm from San Antonio, Texas by day i work as a pharmacy technician but i'm trying to convince my honey to let me stay at home and scrapbook all day lol! I have always been creative but this past year i got a cricut then i upgraded to the expression within a month cuz i fell in love and i can't seem to find one cartridge i don't like and now i'm addicted to my gyspy! lol Keep on with your creations they are awesome!

  6. Hey Cristina! I was just in San Antonio about 3 weeks ago for my husbands graduation!!! I didnt get to see much of it besides whats on base. hahaha but the weather was AWESOME!!! I will def stop in at your blog and check it out. Dont be nervous to make a video....I avoided it for months while i went blog hoping and Momo at kept urging me to do one and finally i did and everyone loved the idea. Just think, people can only hear you and see your face! I think its way easier than having to sit face to face with the camera. I also have been trying to convince my hubby to let me stay at home to scrap, wouldnt that be fun if they paid us to do that??? :D that would make a lot of ladies very happy!!! Im glad you've been following my blog and I REALLY appreciate it! Stay tuned in though cause as soon as I hit 30 subscribers, i'll be hosting a giveaway!!!

  7. correction, they hear your voice and see only your hands :)

  8. My name is Jacqui and I live in Alberta Canada.
    I work full-time as a travel medicine nurse and have been crafting for about 2 years. Sadly I haven't made much over the last month because I have had to pack up my scrap room in order to sell our house (we are moving over the summmer).
    I have 2 girls, age 8 and 10, who are mad about soccer. They both play 4 times a week, so I have become a soccer mom (thought I would get away with that having 2 girls!!)
    My favorite crafting tool has to be my Cricut, I have both the Expression (mine)and the Create (my girls), but I also love paper. I can't resist the stuff. I just have to have it :)

  9. Hi there, I'm Joanna, I have a 5 month old daughter Natalie. We love to play with our Cricut all day! favorite cart right now is Create a Critter (of course!). I live in Southern California and I have been scrapbooking for about 7 years and card making for about a year. It's great to visit all these talented bloggers and I'm so glad to have found yours! :)

  10. Hi Trisha, My name is Natalie, I've been paper crafting for about 10 years off and on. Just recently started up again, just wish I had more time. I work full time, live in Palm Beach County, Florida. I love to use my cricut when making my cards, right now I'm liking Give a hoot. Have create a critter but haven't used it much yet. Love to visit your site to see your new creations. Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on 30+ followers. Look forward to when I have that many.

  11. I wish i was nearly as close to the amount of followers you name is stephanie and i'm from california. right now i work 2 days a week because I watch our 3 year old so now that she's bigger have been doing alot more crafting projects. I love being creative with my hands and even my daughter pretends that she is filming scrapbooking right now the cartridge that i have been using the most is create a critter and i'm learning to use my gypsy more and your ideas and good luck with the move! {hugs!}
    please feel free to become a follower on my blog!

  12. Hi, my name is Nicole. I found your blog through Momo's. I am from good ole PA. My favorite cartridge is of course Create a critter!!!! I've been scrapping/stamping/cardmaking for over 10+ years. I just recently took the plunge and became a SU! demo. My other favorite thing to do is read. My favorite tool would have to be my sponge finger daubers *L* I distress everything! I'm off to become a subscriber, and thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

  13. Hi - so glad I found your blog ! Very cute cards :) Looks like are 2 newbies to all this. I've been dabbling in card making for about year but have really taken off in the last 3 months or so since I've been following blogs.I love the inspiration, ideas and best of all friendships I've made.. Isn't blogging great ?! I hope you come an visit me at mine...

  14. An early WELCOME TO FLORIDA!! I live in S.Fl.I have always enjoyed making party, wedding favors,centerpieces. Christmas is our favorite holiday. Me & hubby really deck the halls. I enjoy building & expanding my christmas village every yr. My daughter tells me that it's a City now not a village.LOL. I collect Precious Moments. Love ur videos very glad that Momo finally convinced u to to them. Keep them coming. :o)

  15. Hey, Trisha! So glad I found on YouTube and now in bloggy land! You can visit me at

    My blog will be 1 year old on the 25th this month and my Cricut will be 1 year old next month on the 2nd.

    We are born and raised South Carolinians, but currently living in Alaska. LOVE IT HERE!

    I started scrapbooking in 1995 when my mother-in-law became a rep for Creative Memories. It's the best thing I ever did!!

    I have started cardmaking just within the last year. I LOVE IT TOO!

    My fav Cricut cart is CREATE A CRITTER!

    I love to read, cook out, travel, and go camping.

    I get really excited when I get to go to the craft store (I don't go as often as a lot of these ladies in the crafting world.)

    We have 4 children (son in Army in Iraq currently, daughter with new baby, daughter Junior in college, and our youngest daughter has special needs).

    This is fun!! Have a fun and safe weekend!
    Hugs, Janis

  16. Hi I am rache.
    I am an almost grown adult(not old just growing up)
    Love paper and creating with it. Almost any kind of paper.
    I am married and have 2 almost grown children( can't help it if they want to grow up too)
    Live in North Carolina!
    Love your website

  17. I am 32 yrs. old. Love paper and embellishments. Love my Cricut Exp. and my Gypsy. I have 32 carts and I like them all. I like making my embellishment, like flowers. I LOVE LlNDY STAMP GANG PRODUCTS! I use them on every project. I'm single and line near Chicago. You have a great site.

  18. Hi! I found your blog and I am so inspired by your creations and genoristy. I live in NY and have been trying to make cards. It relaxes me after I put my 2 year old to bed. I am a Youth and Parent's Services Librarian. The only blogs I have are for work because I am not sure I can leave up to everybody elses amazing blogs. I do own a cricut and I am currently playing with everyones favorite create a critter. I am trying to organize all my craft stuff. Any suggestions for paper storage. I look foreard to read and watching your new posts.

  19. Hey, Andrea. Janis here from I store my paper in a drawer in my desk that has hanging files. I love it! Of course that only works for the 8.5x11 size. I keep the other in a dresser.

  20. Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder if my joanns has paper for 70% off. I may have to go out and look. My husband may kill me. If I buy more paper. I just put my cricut cartridges in an over the door shoe rack for storage.

  21. For my paper storage, andrea, i just use the 12x12 plastic storage drawers. They're 3 drawers in one bin, and I just sort by color. one tray is reds, orange, yellows and pinks, another blue, green, purple, and the top is neutrals like black, gray, white, brown. And I started to do the same with the pattern paper but that gets harder. So i keep the stacks together now, instead of seperating and go through them when im starting a new project. However, I want to get selving for my solid colors so that i can see what i have and how much! if you go on youtube and just type in scraprooms you can watch TONS of video's on peoples rooms and how they organize. I do it all the time, gives you great ideas!

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  23. Hey Trisha! I am loving your blog! Come visit me anytime. I am a pretty new blogger but I am loving it at the same time! I love my expression and my favorite cart is Create a Critter! I live in Ohio. I will be sure to visit your blog often. Thank you for an opportunity to win! Nancy

  24. Hey, love the videos. Name: Meighen Age:30
    State: Ohio
    Hobbies: my dogs ( Rocco and Molly) are my hobby ( I have a cat too Ernie), card making, scapbooking, Yard work, walking.
    Love my Cricut and I really don't think I could just choose one cart that I love. I really love them all. Married 2 yrs today. No kids yet. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Meighen AKA

  25. Hi Trish,
    I came accross your blog thru Made by Momo. I love your projects. I am also new at blogging. I am a self taught Quiller (Paper Quilling). I own a Cricut and almost all my work revolves around Quilling. My favorite cart is...well it's hard to say..I love many of them to be honest with you but I would say Give a Hoot and Serenade. I live in New York and have been scrapping and cardmaking since 1998. So there it is. I hope you come to visit my blog sometime.

  26. I came across your blog while blog hopping! I hope I'm not to late! I love paper, I never have enough and I craft every spare minute I Have! Thanks for the chance and great blog!

  27. Hi I'm Alison and I just love your blog!! It's funny, I recognize some of these women from their blogs and/or YouTube. I've been papercrafting about five years just recently started card making. I've had my cricut for about six months and LOVE it!! Just got CAC and love it too. The blogging world is so inspiring and addictive! I used to be on FB alot but not anymore. Now it's blog hopping and YouTube!

    You can visit my blog at

  28. Well, I just found out about your blog and I like all your creations! they are very cute!
    I want to subscribe, but I don't see how...can't find the subscribe thingy on here.

  29. Hi Trisha
    I have just found your blog and have been watching your videos. Great job.
    I live in Ontario, Canada and have had my cricut for a year. I love the Create-a-Critter cartridge and hope to get it soon. I just started a blog about 2 months ago and I get so excited when someone new starts to follow me, so please come check it out.


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