Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Episode 7 - Just Because Ribbon Card

Hey Ladies,

The hubby and I have FINALLY had time to edit and post the new video. This week has been fun, sad, and crazy! On Sunday, the chicklets + 1 FINALLY were all together after 3 years [the boyfriends & hubby also joined the fun]! (these are the ladies that my blog was named after :D) It was so nice to see everyone again but I was really sad to say good-bye until they visit us in Florida. Yesterday, the hubby and I went and hung out with my BFF (and cake business partner) Evelyn and her fiance, Joe. The boys watched Avatar on Joe's new 3D TV, it was a bad idea cause Jesse wants one--lol! But Eve and I scrap booked and just talk until the movie was over and boys came to bug us. I was ok saying good bye until I got home and was really bummed out!! Any who, I'm trying to keep busy with packing and cleaning. I was just telling Jesse about how Alex won the giveaway and she was sweet enough to post it and my blog address on her blog {THANKS AGAIN ALEX!!} and he said that after I hit 100 followers, we should do a give away every month!!! What do y'all think about that?!?! He's been helping me a lot with some advice on how I could make my video's better and what to change on my blog. He says he likes to be "the hubby working behind the scene's". He's a sweetheart and been helping me not stress about all the house and move stuff.

So anyways, enough about me blabbering on about my life. Here is the video, and I really hope you guys like the card and will try it out!

Have a great week!!
{{Coo Coo Cachoo}}


  1. Wow what a nifty punch. That's the first time I have seen one. Thanks Trisha.

  2. great project :) I think it came out great !
    I'm glad you entered my give away :) Wouldn't it be funny if you won mine and I just won yours LOL!!!

  3. Thank you ladies!! And Alex, right when I signed up for your giveaway, i thought of the very same thing!! lol

  4. Cute! I love how unique this card is! Thanks for the video, first time I saw that punch being used!


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