Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gearing up for a busy weekend & small life update!

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

I just wanted to stop by here quickly and apologize for my lack of projects this week.  We are headed to Disney this weekend for a short getaway before we pack up and move.  My husband has gotten new orders and we will be heading back to New Jersey come the end of May.  Its another big move but we are beyond excited to be getting back to Jersey where we will be close to our family and friends!  So we decided that before we go, we would like to take Kirie back to Disney one last time.  Its a short 4 day getaway but its just what we need :)

With us being gone for 4 days, I'm trying to get all of my projects done and in order before leaving.

Starting on Saturday, I'll have 1 project per day up till Tuesday including a National Scrapbook Day blog hop, Paper Smooches SPARKS Challenge, a post for Butterfly Reflections Ink, and Scrappy Moms Terrific Tuesday Challenge!

...AND most of those posts will have a video for you!! So I've been busy editing videos, pictures and getting posts scheduled...hence my lack of time for creating this week.  Lets not even discuss that I have not started packing! ;)

So I'll see you guys back here on Saturday for some crafty inspiration!

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