Friday, August 6, 2010

Change, Change,.......and more Change?!?!?

So as if Changing the name of your blog, the look of it, participating in a blog hop isn't enough.....I've completely changed my craft corner!!! YES, after all the waiting to finally see it, I up and decided I wanted something totally different and changed my space!!! I know, I know...what was i thinking!?!?!?!? But I'm very much like my mother in the sense that I like to move my furniture around frequently to get it a little "UMPPPH"!! :) And since the rest of the house needs to stay in place to be functional and because of outlets....why not change my space??? So I did it!! My husband came home and said "Your not joking are you????" LOL So I'm still in the process of organizing and finding homes for things BUT I promise to post pictures soon or a short video.

Guess what Jesse, my hubby, surprised me with today?!?!?!?

I'm SOOO Excited!!!! I had mentioned to him earlier today that I wanted it and it was only $33.99 at Michael's. So he walked in empty handed and was telling me about his day, than walked into the other room and peeked his head back in. Said "oh I forgot to tell you" and when I looked over he had it in his hand!!! I'm so siked because Jesse hates going in there cause he has NO idea what anything is--as i mentioned before I don't think he even knows how to turn on my Cricut!!--and he normally doesn't go in there without me so I was SO HAPPY, oh and proud of him too! :)

Now all i need is the New Scrappy Mom's stamp set and I'm ready for HALLOWEEN!!

Be Sure to check back tomorrow for the Back to School Blog Hop!! It will be starting at Sarah at PinkCricut and be sure to visit every one's blog for great giveaways! Our blog is being sponsored by and they are donating the Happy Hauntings cartridge!! I know Tangee from KricutKrazy will also be giving away a Cricut Cartridge, Sarah, our host, is giving away her newly released Pink by Design Stamp Set, check them out here.

Want to know what I'm giving away??????? A Cricut Cartridge!!!!!! Wanna know which one?!?!?!?! Check back tomorrow, Saturday, for my video to find out how to enter and which cartridge I'll be giving away! See you Tomorrow!!!
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