Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Its finally up!!!! I'm so sorry for the delay everyone! I know I promised the design and the spinner card tutorial yesterday and it was all going to happen until my husband decided, when he came home for lunch, that he DID indeed want a desk like mine from IKEA. So as a good wife(and because I need some more organizing stuff :)) I took the hour and a half drive up to Tampa, got all my stuff that I wanted/needed, headed to the warehouse and lift the table tops(lightweight) and the smaller expedit(90 stinkin pounds!) in the back of my jeep and made my way back home. Then we had dinner, assembled and by the time that was done we were both exhausted! So I do apologize for the delay.

But the new blog design is up!!! And I'm SOOOOO thrilled!!! What do you all think??

I really have to give a HUGE THANK YOU TO MY FRIEND CRISTI (scrappin5littlecupcakes.blogspot.com) She has been nothing but a blessing in this whole process! We started to become friends after she won my last giveaway and these last two weeks, we've either been texting or gmail messaging none stop!! I call her the "blogging genius"! LOL But in all seriousness...Thank You Cristi, you've been a great friend and tremendous help!

Lastly, spinner card will for sure be up tonight!!! Check back for it!! Thank you again y'all for your support and kind words!

PS....especially to Stephani, yes i'll be doing the Cake Decorating Mini Series! It will be up, hopefully by next week! Lots of editing needs to be done!
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