Monday, November 8, 2010

Creative Scraps Week #4!!!

Good Morning Everyone!! I'm sorry I've been Mia but I'm still trying to figure out how to squeeze in crafting after work and making dinner.  In the mean time, still trying to keep the house straightened out and in order. LOL I seriously don't know how Momo does it!!!! I need to call her for some advice! LOL

WAHOOOOOO its Creative Scraps Challenge Week #4!!!

For our new followers, Molly (Army Wife Learns the Cricut), Cristi (Scrappin 5 Little Cupcakes) and I will take turns posting throughout the week except for today when we are all posting our projects. Friday is the day we will post our final project for the week with an added element. You will all then have a chance to participate starting on Friday and we will pick a winner!! --Unfortunately, this week Molly will be off so you will only see projects by Cristi and myself--

Now I must warn you guys.....Cristi and I have been Mojo-less recently so we have decided to just post on Monday and Friday, since we just cant seem to crank out anything that we like.  This week we decided to have another Cartridge challenge.  And the cartridge is.............Life is a Beach!

So I have been wanted to make a treat pouch like this one for quite some time!!!! I FINALLY got to use my crimper that i have had for a few months but had never touched! LOL And I know some of you are thinking, wait a minute! last week you were making Xmas stuff for mom's challenge and now your making Halloween stuff?!?!?!?? Trust me i know, I'm all kinds of bass-ackwards! LOL So here is what I can up with.  I hope you guys like it!

Be sure to head over to Cristi's blog to check out her creation for today!  Also, check back here for tomorrow to see the card I created for Madison. 


  1. Very cute Trish! I know what you mean about being at a halt with crafting! I have been like that lately too. :)

  2. Hi Trish! Is hard to do everything, work, dinner, crafting, cleaning... we need your inspiration! So sometimes something has to give to me that something is cleaning.. LOL.
    My house is not in the best order possible but my family is well fed. We have to work, because we need to support the habit. In order to be able to do everything we have to have a creative outlet. That's where we depend on you to inspire us. So you see, there is not enough time to clean house!! Hugs

  3. So cute!! I love it!! I know how hard it is to balance everything. Just get settled in at work and things will get easier. As for cooking, the crockpot is my friend! Cleaning...what that? :0) XOXO, Julie.


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