Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Chit-Chat and Updates!

Hey Everyone!

I cannot believe that the weekend is just about over.....Where do the days go?!?! Back to work tomorrow, ugh to Monday Mornings! LOL So I just wanted to give you guys some updates today.....

1. Madison got her cards and gifts.......She LOVED them!!!!! Bobby and Maria (her parents) were in utter shock of all the cards and goodies that were sent to Madison!! And they were all VERY appreciative of it all.  SO THANK YOU to everyone who sent a card and everyone who sent her gifts to keep her company while she continues to go through treatment. 

2.  Creative Scraps Challenge Week will start Tomorrow!  The challenge will be open to everyone on Friday and we are giving away a Country Life Cartridge (Thanks to Dorcas!!) So be sure to check in HERE tomorrow when the challenge starts!

3.  December is such a BUSY month!!! Work is SUPER busy with the holiday season going on right now.  Every weekend, Jesse and I have something going on. The 5th-Fundraiser for needy senior citizens and our churches Christmas Dinner and Dancing Party. The 11th--My sister-in-law is having a party at her home, the 12th--My in-law's Christmas party!.  My mother-in-law is flying in from Canada the 15-29, My parents & sister are flying in the 28-3rd(of Jan). Oh Yeah! And then there is Christmas! And with that comes Shopping, Wrapping, Busy Malls, Christmas cards (30 for my mom and 30 for me--all handmade) **Sigh** I'm exhausted just thinking about it!  

4.  The last number got too crazy so I decided to start a new number!! LOL Added to all the above, I have 3 Blog Hops this month! Which I super excited about :) Dec.4th--Dorcas is hosting a blog hop! The weekend of Dec. 17th--Linda and Christina are hosting blog hops!..Did i mention December was a busy month?!?!

5.  Ok... I think that was all the info I need to post! I'm sorry that this post was not very interesting but I didn't want to forget any information that I need to announce!  Hope your weekend was good and you have a great first week of December.

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  1. I love this post! It was very informative!! You are one busy lady there missy!!! Don't forget to schedule some time in there to relax!!! XOXO, Julie. :0)


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