Friday, November 19, 2010

Episode 28- Resticking your cricut mat

Hey Everyone!

I hope you guy had a great week and that you all will have a fun filled weekend! Work seemed to go by fast this week...thank goodness =) This weekend is SUPER busy for Jesse and I. Today, we're going to a Medieval Festival (probably my favorite part of history class, so I'm STOKED!) and then shopping at the outlet's mall for a dress for our church's Xmas dinner & dancing. Oh yeah! and Grocery shopping for THANKSGIVING!!!! lol. So I've decided that with my hectic work schedule, I'm promising to post at least twice a week!!! All other post's will be MEGA bonuses! LOL. This will keep me crafty AND keep me from going MIA! hahaha....So here is a video for my second post of the week. :) I hope it's helpful!


  1. What a fantastic tip.. Thanks so much, I'm going to try it.. I was laughin when it turned dark.. too funny!! LOL. Hope you and your dog had fun runnin' around.. thanks again!!

  2. Trish, thanks for the tip about the Engine Degreaser. I tried the brake degreaser and all the grid lines came off my mat. I will try this on an old one. Thanks again.


  3. Hi Trish,

    I left you a blog award on my blog. Feel free to drop by and pick it up when you have a some free time.


  4. Great idea..I will definitely be trying this method! Thanks girly! ;)


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