Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am TRUELY blessed!!!

Hey Everyone!

I had a VERY fun time with my hubby at the 333rd Squadron--THE SHARKS!!!--Annual Banquet! He had training for most of the 3 days but we did have FUN at night.  On Sunday Night, we had our Formal Dinner/ Awards Night.  Then on Monday Night ( I MISSED MOMO'S Ustream!!! I was sooooo BUMMED!! lol), we had our Sport's Themed Party!! My hubby got picked from his group to dance in the BIG "Ricky, the Recruiter" Inflatable suit! AND OMG I got it ALL on video and its HILARIOUS! He did SOOOOO well! I'll be sure to post the video up on here soon so you guys can get a GOOD chuckle! And we Finally came home yesterday.....I missed my Fur babies soooo much! LOL Ok....enough about my weekend and all the CAPS!!! LOL

So this post is all about how TRULY blessed I am. I really have some of the most AMAZING people in my life!! The absolute Greatest friends!!!! First, let me say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me a card (and a few small goodies) with such AMAZING words in it--when sending Madison's card! They were totally a SURPRISE and brought such a smile to my face!!

Thank you to Momo, who sent me a overly generous package a few weeks back! She sent me the PRETTIEST Christmas paper!!!!!! And a glitter stack to go along with it! Thank you my friend, your are the sweetest ever and I love ya!!!! xoxoxoxo

I came home today to a package in the mail that came from Cristi and Molly.......THOSE 2 are the SNEAKIEST Blogging besties EVER!!!!!!!!!! Molly totally lied to me and told me she had received her Country Life cartridge.........well it was really a cartridge that the 2 of them had purchased and sent to me!!!! What an absolute Surprise!!! I was floored and so overally excited.  Thank you to the both of both have become some of my best friends! And your too sneaky! LOL

Also...thanks to Julie and Sarah who keep me smiling and laughing with all their texts! I LOVE text messages and they keep me giggling! And involved with new products-----thanks Julie for letting me be part of the Action Wobbles! You girls will always be my Secret Accomplices!

So overall.....Thank you to everyone for everything lately! From comments, emails, cards, to goodie packs----I'm truly blessed to have you all in my life!!!!!


  1. AWWWW brought a little tear to my eye!!!! We are all blessed to have met so many wonderful friends through bloggy world!!!


  2. What a sweet post! That is so nice of you to be so thankful. So many people expect good things to happen to them and forget to say thank you. I'm glad to know you are a thoughtful person.


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