Thursday, September 9, 2010

Episode 22- Making Your Own Pattern Paper!

Hey Everyone!!!

So here is my 4Th video of the week! (GASSSSSSP!!) Its Crazy that I've been able to come up with something different to show you every day!! I'm debating on if i should post on Saturday....that is part of the week isn't it?!? lol So I LOVE the way this came out, i think it looks awesome and for such a sweet deal. $2.54 for a HUGE set of stamps ($7.00 w/shipping) makes me HAPPY :D --i'm sure it makes the hubby's wallet happy too *hehehe*--EBay is very addicting and thanks to Tracey from CraftJunkieToo, I've been checking out the cricut cartridges *dangerous!*. I've already ordered 1 and have 4 more I've been looking at.

I've also been thinking about what I'm going to be doing next challenge myself. I'm thinking that I am going to do Cricut Cuts next week. I might not do a video everyday (unless you all would like them) but all of my projects will include some type of Cricut Cut!

Also....I've got an idea swishing around in my brain about a way to challenge me and a couple of my crafting buddies using the Cricut! I don't have anything concrete yet BUT as soon as I do, you guys will know!!

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