Friday, September 10, 2010

Episode 23 - Homemade Glimmer Mist.mpg

Hey Everyone!!!

I'm so sorry that this video is going up so late!!! I was in the middle of editing this morning and it was taking WAY to long to edit because my video was so long. So I decided to RE-record and my hubby was home with me so i still had to do MAJOR editing because he wouldn't stop horsing around and making me laugh!! Then we had to take my car in so that it could get fixed....but before we left I found my Blackberry right next to my puppy who must of thought it was her new chew toy :( It still worked but the camera lens was bent in and so were my buttons up top. So while i was "checking in" my car, the hubby called best buy to see if puppy accidents were covered by black tie protection....AND THEY WERE! WAAAAHOOOOO!!!! So we then headed to best buy to get me a brand spanking, newly released phone by Verizon and I'm IN LOVE!!

OK so enough about my saga story! Here is my video showing you 2 different ways that I've made home made glimmer mist! I think both methods are fantastic!! I hope you guys try it out because they work great and you wont need to pay $8 a bottle for tattered angels glimmer mist(although I'm sure their quality is SUPERB!).

OK....1 more video for this week!!! I don't know what to do a video on, i have ideas floating around but nothing concrete!! OK...enough of me blabbing and onto filming...something :)

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