Thursday, September 16, 2010

Episode 25- Country Girl Pocket Card & HUBBY CHALLENGE

hey Guys!!! I hope that you guys are having a good week....but TG(T)IF--thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!! I really do get lonely during the day with no one in the house but me and the "furbabies". Of course I'm talking to Cristi or Molly through out the day but its just different. I'm so glad my hubby will be home for the weekend :) Its the best part of his job as a recruiter! SPEAKING OF HUBBY.....He agreed to participate in the Hubby Card Challenge. He was pretty irritated at first because he couldn't get the shapes the size he wanted but then I introduced him to the Gypsy and he was golden! LOl So here are a few pics of him during the process

Trying to figure out how to use the cricut.....he wasn't a big fan---He kept saying, "I payed $300 for this thing and it wont cut the stinkin size I want!" (his problem is he wanted a boarder function images to measure 1"x1", he didn't understand that you cant do that on the cricut).

So, I introduced him to the Gypsy....gave him a very brief description on how to use (because he wouldn't let me tell him anything else, he wanted to do it all on his own) and he was using that thing like crazy!! I think all but 2 cuts came from the Gypsy.

So here is my hubby's card!! I think he did pretty good for his first card ever!! He said his sucks compared to the other hubby's and my cards. I told him next time to just have one main item to focus on and he acted hurt and said "i don't deal well with criticism of my work!" LOL, he's such a ham!

OK So onto MY cricut card for the day!!!! I used the Old West Cartridge again...and I know I sound like a broken record BUT I'm LOVING all of the images on this cart! Now i feel like this cartridges is more boyish but this card is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum and Love how it turned out!! This card is dedicated to my sister!! :) She is an absolute Girly Girl but she has been to a few barns recently and done a TON of dirty work but she is still very much into bling!

Me & My sister Christmas of last year at my parents house.....and yes my mom's house looks like it belongs in the Better Homes & Garden Magazine for Christmas :)
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