Saturday, September 11, 2010

No 6th video?!?!

Hey Everyone!!

I was really hoping to have a 6Th video up to "complete the week long video stretch" but it doesn't look like its going to happen. After accomplishing 5 video's in one week...I thought I'd take the plunge! Yes I know its crazy but..........I've been painting my ATG!!!! As some of you already know, I'm NOT a Pink girl so purchasing the new one was TOTALLY out of the question. But while I was at Michael's the other day, just browsing around (and getting stuff to make glimmer mist ;)) I came across some Valspar Spray Paint that was on CLEARANCE!!! YIPPPPPEEEE for clearance stuff!! Needless to say I found Teal and Glitter Spray Paint for Under $4 each! They are normally $10 each so I was stoked!! So that's what last night and my morning have been filled with, prepping my atg and spray painting, and i have it ALL on video for you to watch and try out for yourself. That is if you cant stand your red or pink atg too!! LOL So I do apologize for no video today but I'll be back, starting Monday, with a whole week of Using my Cricut for my projects and potentially a video everyday as well!

Lastly, on a day with so much meaning, I sit here across from my husband thanking God that he has made it through 2 tours in Iraq unharmed. I pray today for all of the families who lost loved ones 9 years ago in a day that will remain etched in our minds AND for the families who have lost loved ones fighting for our freedom. To all of the military men and women out there, and their spouses who endure so much, I stand with everyone else saying thank you! Although my husband is in the military, one man cannot fight the war thank you. (Andrea, Nikki, Valerie, Sonia, and of course-Molly......THANK YOU!)
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